Copper nanoparticle-50

Alias:Nano-copper powder
         Nanometer copper powder
         Nano Copper
         Copper Nanopowder
         Cu nanoparticle
         Nano Cu powder

Copper nanoparticle;Nano-copper powder;Nanometer copper powder;Nano Copper
TEM images transmission Figure Description: Product shape as a spherical, good dispersed, no reunion.
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Copper nanoparticle TEMAverage particle size:20nm (XRD)

Size distribution:10-30nm


Appearance:Black brown or Black powder


Specific surface area:10-35m2/g

Apparent density:0.15 g/cm3

Price: 650 $ / KG

Minimum Order: 1 KG

Product use: Used for the production of microelectronic device, used in the manufacture of multilayer ceramic capacitor of the terminal. Can also be used to carbon dioxide and hydrogen synthesis methanol catalyst in the reaction process. Also can be used as oil lubricant and medicine industry, etc.

Copper nanoparticle XRDThe XRD diffraction pattern showed: The diffraction peak for the standard Cu peak,No other significant peaks showing that product is very pure, The diffraction average grading is 179.8 Angstrom, namely 17.98 nano (10 Angstrom =1 nano).

Peak position(o) 43.280 50.397 70.098 89.899 95.091
Grain size(Å) 254 171 248 108 118
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